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Soal UAS Ganjil 2021 Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMK

 I.    Choose the best answer the following questions!
Questions 1 and 2 refer to the following news report.

1.    Where did the accident happen?
A. On main Street
B. At the bus station
C. On State Street
D. Near the hospital
E. In the hospital

2.    How many victims were there?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
E. None

3.    Receptionist     : Family restaurant, can I help you?
Braga            : Yes Please, ... for next Saturday evening.
Receptionist     : I’m afraid we can’t. We’re fully booked this month.
A. I really need your help
B. I want to book a ticket
C. I need to reserve a room
D. I’d like to reserve two tables
E. I’d like to cancel my reservation

4.    David :     Did Ken join the futsal competition last week?
    Clare  : No, he broke his leg, so he didn’t  take part of the contest. If he hadn’t broken his leg, I’m sure he would have ... part of it.
A. take
B. took
C. takes
D. taken
E. taking

5.    Lala `: Dian, you are a chef in an Italian restaurant, aren’t you? What are your duties exactly?
Dian : I supervise the preparation and the service of the food from the kitchen to the dining room, arrange the menu, and........
A. carrying away the dirty dishes to the pantry
B. takes care of the cleanliness of the kitchen
C. taste the food for correct seasoning
D. served drinks to the table in the bar
E. accompany the guest on the table
6.     Receptionist    : Good afternoon Wijaya Air, can I help you?
    Tomi     :..........
    Receptionist     : When would you like to go sir?
    Tomi     : Tomorrow afternoon.
    A. Can I book a table for tomorrow afternoon?
    B. I would like to confirm a flight to Medan.
    C. I would like to reserve a single room.
    D. I need you to help me.
    E. Can I help you?

7.     Guest     : Would you do me a favour, please?
    Manager     : Yes, sir.............
    Guest     : I ordered lunch an hour ago, but I haven’t got it yet.
    A. I’ll call room service.
    B. Would you like to have lunch?
    C. What seems to be the problem?
    D. How do you like your food, sir?
    E. What would you like to order, sir?

8.     Clara     : Would you like to join us for dinner?
    Alika     : I’m sorry I have to go now. I wish.........
    A. I cannot have dinner here
    B. I could stay longer
    C. You tell me first
    D. I couldn’t stay
    E. I can cook

9.     Customer : Excuse me, I have my handphone repaired last week. But it still didn’t work.
    Shopkeeper :..........
    Customer     : Thank you.
    A. Why don’t you check it yourself?
    B. Don’t come to me please!
    C. I’m sorry to hear that.
    D. I’m not sure about it.
    E. let me check It.

10.     Ani     : Which painting ... be exhibited tomorrow?
    Bebi     : We don’t know yet, they ... by a team now.
    A. are going to
    B. is going to
    C. have been
    D. has being
    E. is being

11.     Risa : Will Hasya buy the book?
    Lutfi : If the book ... very expensive, she won’t buy It.
    A. is
    B. was
    C. are
    D. had
    E. has

12.     Alfi     : Hi Dimas, where are you going to spend your holiday?
    Dimas : I have not decided yet! But I ... to Denpasar.
    Alfi     : That’s great.
    A. might have gone    
    B. might be going
    C. might be gone
    D. are going
    E. may go

13.     Ms. Diah : Good afternoon. May I help you?
    Chandra : My name is Chandra and I have an appointment with dr. Tika at 4 p.m.
    Ms. Diah: Wait a minute
    A. she is treating a patient at the moment
    B. she was off duty today
    C. I am still on the way
    D. He is out of town
    E. He is not well

14.     Melia : Chandra, what does your mother do?
    Chandra: She is a nurse. She
    A. examines patients
    B. makes medicine for patients
    C. performs surgical operations
    D. supervise the doctor’s work
    E. helps doctors take care of patients

15.     Hanny : Century travel, Hanny speaking. Can I help you?
    Rian   :  Hello, Ms. Hanny. This is Rian.........because I have an urgent meeting.
    Hanny : Okay, Mr. Rian. But I have to remind you that you Will get the fine for cancellation.
    Rian : Ok. Never mind. Thank you.
    A. I am sorry, but I have to complain about my vacation
    B. I am disappointed with the service last night
    C. I felt terribly sad for having bad holiday
    D. I want to cancel my trip to Makassar
    E. I am confirming my trip to Bunaken

16.     Nadita: What should I write in the first paragraph of an application letter?
    Rina     : Talk about why you are writing the job you’re applying, and.......
    A. talk about the reasons why you are the right person for the job
    B. tell your employer your plan if you get the job
    C. tell the employer about your personalities
    D. tell the employer your qualifications
    E. how you know about the vacancy

17.    Adi : Stacey, who taught you to make this kind of presentation?
Stacey :............
    Adi : You made it on your own? It’s awesome!
    A. I learned it from the internet.
    B. I copied it from you.
    C. I just think about it.
    D. I never made it.
    E. I don’t like it.

18.     Manager : Did our company get more profit from sales this year?
    Supervisor.: I’m afraid not, sir. But we could have promoted the products if.
    A. people had been more familiar with the product
    B. we had hired more sales representatives
    C. people hadn’t bought other products
    D. we hadn’t produced more products
    E. we have to fired some of the sales

19.     Linda : Do you have any plans this holiday?
    Carla :...........There Will be a family outing sponsored by my dad’s company.
    A. I have gone by plane.
    B. I wIll stay in a cottage.
    C. My family are at home.
    D. I am going to go to Bandung.
    E. I have a barbeque party in my house.

20.     Vera : The air conditioning in my room is broken. What should I do?
    Danny : You should ... an electncian to fix it.
    A. called
    B. calls
    C. call
    D. calling
    E. has called

21.    Raisa : I don’t know whether I will take the scholarship or not. It does not cover the plane ticket. I don’t have enough money for it.
    Hamish : ...
    Raisa : Thank you a million. That’s very kind of you.
    Which of the following setences best fill the blank?
A.    I’ll find a sponsor for you, if you want.
B.    Can you find a sponsor?
C.    You’d better to leave the scholarship.
D.    I don’t mind if you don’t take it.
E.    I’ll be happy, if you take it.

22.     Dian : The cake is scrumptious! I love it.
Joni : … another piece?
Dian : Thank you. You should tell me the recipe.
Joni : I will.
Which of the following offering expressions best fill the blank?
A.    Do you mind if you have
B.    Would you like
C.    Shall you hav
D.    Can I have you
E.    I will bring you

23.     Fitri     : The French homework is really hard. I don’t feel like to do it.
    Rahmat     : … to help you?
    Fitri     : It sounds great. Thanks, Rahmat!
Which of the following offering expressions best fill the blank?
A.    Do you mind if I
B.    Would you like me
C.    Shall I
D.    Can I
E.    I will

For questions 24-26

24.    The following phrase, Dear Mr. Gilhooley, from the passage above functions as a….
A.    salutation
B.    introduction
C.    body
D.    closing
E.    signature

25.     The second paragraph from the passage above functions as a….
A.    salutation
B.    introduction
C.    body
D.    closing
E.    signature

26.     The applicant possesses some strengths for success in the position he applied for, except….
A.    To strive for continued excellence
B.    To provide incredible contributions
C.    To have successfully developed and designed live use applications
D.    To have successfully designed and supported live use applications
E.    To have successfully developed and made live use applications

27.  The birth rate has been ... since 1980.

A.    unchanging
B.    stagnant
C.    high
D.    low
E.    stable

28.     Larry: Are you looking for me, Dan?
    Danny: Oh, yes I am. __________________.
    Larry: Sure, what time should I pick her up?
Complete the dialogue with the appropiate expression!
A.    Would you mind taking my laundry from the laundromat?
B.    I need your help to pick up my daughter at the mall.
C.    Could you buy me some groceries?
D.    Would you mind picking up my son at the cinema?
E.    Could you give me a hand with this project?

Questions number 29 to 30 refer to the following text

29.     Which is NOT TRUE according to the text?
A.     Shinta was in the forest when Rahwana abducted  her.
B.    Shinta wanted to catch the deer.
C.     Shinta was taken by force.
D.     Rama went to Alengka with Laksmana.
E.     A bird informed Rama where Shinta went.

30.    Who is the main character of that story?
    A. Rahwana
    B. Shinta
C.     Laksmana
D.     A deer
E.     A bird

31.     If I work harder, I ... my paper in due time.
A.     will finish
B.    would finish
C.     has finished
D.     will be finished
E.     will have finished

32.     X : John had drawn all his money because he needed it for his father's operation.
    Y: .... If his father's health had not been in a such bad condition.
A.     He would not take all his money
B.     He should take all his money
C.     He didn't take all his money
D.     He must have taken all his money
E.     He wouldn't have taken all his money

33.     He .... if I had not reminded him.
A.     may forget
B.     should forget
C.     might have forgotten
D.     must forget
E.     may forget

34.     Were the doctor here, he would have examine Mary. This means ...
A.     The doctor is here and examining Mary
B.     Mary ls being examined because the doctor Is
C.     Although the doctor is here, Mary is not examined
D.     The doctor ls not here but Mary has been xamined
    E.     Mary cannot be examined because the doctor is not here

35. He will be late for school if he .... at once.
    A.     does not leave
    B.     will leave
    C.     may not leave
    D.     did not leave    
    E.     had not leave

36.     Jessica: Will you have lunch with me?
    Samantha: I’d love to, but I am still full. I… my lunch.
    A.     have
    B.     have had
    C.     will have
    D.     am having
    E.    did have

37.     Rangga : Why do you look sad?
    Niko : Because I… my wallet.
    A. have just lost
    B. just lost
    C. am just lost
    D. will just lost
    E. did just lost

38.     Angie: I wonder why Miss Dian … yet.
Novita: I do too. As I know, she is always on time.
A. won’t come
B. didn’t come
C. isn’t come
D. hasn’t come
    E. don’t come

39.     Nadine … her mother before she came home.
A. phones
B. phoned
C. has phoned
D. had phoned
E. was phoned

40.     Our teacher never… England.
A. visits
B. visited
C. has visited
D. had visited
E. has visit

II. Answer the following questions with the correct answer!
1.    Translate the following sentences into English!
Bibi akan memberitahunya bahwa ibunya telah meninggal dunia.
2.     Translate the following sentences into English!
    Jane sedih karena telah menyakiti sahabatnya.

III. Read the dialogue then answer the following questions!
Two best friends meet in the bookstore.
Jasmine    : Karin!
Karina    : Hi, Jasmine! What are you doing here?
Jasmine    : I will buy some things to make handmade of our
    English task. You did not come to some days.
    Where have you been? Are you OK?
Karina    : I’m fine, Jasmine. My mother got sick, she
    stayed in the hospital now.
Jasmine    : I am sorry to hear that, dear. Tell me more.
Karina    : She has cancer. Now, the doctor has treated her with chemotherapy.
Jasmine    : Oh, it’s okay. Everything will be alright.
Karina    : Look at it! Yesterday, I made this small bag for you. Do you like it?
Jasmine    : Well, what a beautiful bag it is! Thank you, Karina. I really like it!

3.    Who is talking in the dialogue?
4.     Where does the dialogue take place?
5.    Why did Karina not come to school?

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