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Soal UAS Ganjil 2021 Mapel Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI SMK

 Soal UAS Ganjil 2021 Mapel Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI SMK

I.    Choose the best answer by crossing a, b, c, d, or e !

1.    Linda is working on her homework, but she finds some difficult questions. What will you suggest her?
A.    I think you should stop studying.
B.    Maybe you can sleep now.
C.    What if you drink to refresh yourself ?
D.    What about going to your friend's house to study together?
E.    It’s better for you to take a rest.

2.    Tom looks very tired. What's your suggestion to him?
A.    You should eat more.
B.    You should study harder.
C.    I think you ought to get some rest.
D.    What if you go for a walk?
E.    How about going to a beach ?

3.    Dika     : I won the competition yesterday
    Hendri : Really? That's very great. Please accept my warmest congratulations
    Dika     : .....
    Hendri : You are welcome
    A. Thanks for saying so
B. I hope you say so
C. Oh, don't mention it
D. That's very great
E. That’s terrible

4.    Faiz     : What’s up? You look so sad.
    Rizki    :     My brother got sick and he is still hospitalized
    Faiz    : That’s too bad. I’m so sorry to hear that. How is he now?
    Rizki    : He is getting better now
    Faiz     : Oh, ………….
    Rizki    : I hope so
    The suitable expression to complete the dialogue above is……
a. I hope he will get well soon
b. I hope he looks so sad
c. I hope he is still hospitalized
d. I hope he gets sick

This letter is for question number 5 to 8!  

5.    What does the letter tell us about?
A.    Asking for a friend to teach Mathematic
B.    Preparing for the national examination
C.    Asking for a friend’s suggestion to solve a problem
D.    Giving a solution to a friend
E.    Having extra lesson at school

6.    Why is Rendy worried that he may fail the national examination?
A.    There are extra lessons at Rendy’s school
B.    He will have the national examination soon
C.    He is confused in solving Mathematic problem
D.    He appreciated Ivan’s help
E.    His friends are all well prepared

7.    “I’m still confused in solving Mathematic problems.”
The underlined word means …
A.    Unable to think clearly
B.    Unable to speak fluently
C.    Unable to perform well
D.    Unable to read quickly
E.    Unable to behave politely

8.     “I’m just worried that I fail the national examination.”
The antonym of the underlined word is ....
A.    Escape
B.    Reach
C.    Predict
D.    Underestimate
E.    Success

This invitation is for question number 9 to 10 !

9.    The meeting will be held?
A.    On Sunday, August 8,2018
B.    On Saturday, August 8,2018
C.    On Friday, June 8,2018
D.    On Saturday, June 8,2018
E.    On Saturday, August 8, 2017

10.    Based on the text, we know that .…
A.    The meeting will be held in the school hall
B.    If you could not come, you should call Nazmi
C.    The meeting only invites the committee
D.    The meeting will be held in the morning
E.    The meeting will be held at 02.30 pm.

11.    The following sentence are expression of congratulation, except ....
A. I congratulate you on your success
B. Nice work
C. How poor you are
D. That's great
E.  That’s fantastic

12.    Andy :    What do you think about the restaurant?
    Budy : The price is too expensive
    From the dialogue above we can conclude that ….
A.    Budy is expressing pleasure
B.    Andy is expressing pleasure
C.    Budy is expressing displeasure
D.    Andy is expressing displeasure
E.    Budy is asking Andy’s opinion

This personal letter text is for question number 13 to 17 !

13.    What is the topic of the letter above?

A. Getting Fever
B. Went to hospital
C. The doctor recipe
D. In hospital
E. Sickness

14.    What did the writer do when she felt her body became weak?
A. She bought medicine
B. She consumed the medicine
C. She took a rest all day
D. She went to hospital
E. She does nothing

15.    What was the disease that she got?
A. Stomach
B. Toothache
C. Dengue Fever
D. Sorethroat
E. Influenza

16.    Why the writer was taken to the hospital?
A. She got high fever
B. She got diarrhea
C. She got headache
D. She got broken bones
E. She got toothache

17.    How long she was taken care in the hospital?
A. Four days
B. Five days
C. Six days
D. Eight days
E. Seven days

18.    Sinta: I feel that students should do more discussion at class.
Jeni: ... Discussion can help us to develop our critical thinking skill.
A.    I agree.
B.    I disagree.
C.    I'm not sure.
D.    I don't think so.
E.    I totally disagree.

19.    Lisa    :    Do you think that these flowers can be good present for Father's Day?
    Rini:... but I think a tie would be better. Your father can wear it for work.
A.    I'm not so sure
B.    I think so
C.    I agree
D.    I will think about it
E.    It's ugly

20.    Anida    :     I heard that Iwan didn’t pass the test
    Diandra:     That’s too bad. I’ve told him not to waste his time playing online game
    It can be concluded from the dialogue that Diandra expresses her …
A.  Displeasure
B.  Happiness
C.  Satisfaction
D.  Doubt
E.  Advice
II.    Answer the questions based on the instruction given !
Give suggestion to the following situations !
1.    Your friend : I lost my handphone at school, I’ve been looking for everywhere, but I still can’t find it. What should I do?
2.    Your friend : My teacher asked me to join the English speech contest, she said I got a talent on English speech, I’m still confused because I never join such contest before. What should I do?
Give an offer to the following situations !
3.    Your father forgets where he puts his glasses.
4.    Your friends come to your house, you want to offer them a drink.
Give your opinion based on the following case !
5.    Internet helps us to have better living in the world.

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