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Soal dan Jawaban Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI

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1 Agus : what do you drink, ga?
Rangga : I drink rose tea. Would you like some ?
Agus : rose tea? You mean tea which is made of rose?
Rangga : yes. Do you never drink it ?
Agus : I don’t know if rose can be made for tea. In my experience, rose is just a kind of flower.
Rangga : I think you’re wrong. Rose can be used also for tea, jelly and cosmetic.
Agus : really
Rangga : of course, rose contains high vitamin c.
Agus : I want to drink it now, ga. Can you give me the rose, please ?
Rangga : sure. What do you think about it ?
Agus : wow. According to me it’s better than common tea.
What is Rangga drinking ?........
A He is drinking rose tea
B He is drinking milk tea
C He is drinking green tea
D He is drinking black tea
E He is drinking red tea
2 Does Agus also drink the rose tea?
A Yes, he does
B Yes, he do
C No. he do not
D Yes, he doesn’t
E No. he does not
3 What expression is used by Rangga to ask for Agus ‘s opnion ?
A What do you think about it?
B I think it’s better than common tea
C I think you’re wrong
D Can you give me the rose tea, please?
E According to me it’s better than common tea
4 The underlined sentence show that Rangga……..
A Doesn’t agree with Agus opinion
B Agree with Rangga opinion
C Give him opinion about rose tea
D Asks for Agus opinion
E Doesn’t like rose tea
5 A : Wow ! personally, I think this hat is great
B : ………the model is out of fashioned
A I’m sorry, I don’t agree with you
B Are you sure
C This is absolutely right
D I think this is the best hat in this shop
E What do you think of this hat ?
6 Mike : wow, this cake is very nice. What do you think about this cake ?
Susan : for me the texture is very soft. The taste is sweet, milky and cheesy.
Mike : ……..i really like it
A That just what I think
B I don’t think so
C Are you sure?
D That’s wrong
E What about eating the cake
7 Alin : …..?
Boni : it’s next to the pantry
Alin : thank you
Boni : sure
A Excuse me, where is the toilet
B You just go two blocks down
C I’m sorry to disturb you
D Let me help you
E Would you lik chocolate ?
8 Which one is not the experession of asking about one’s routine tasks related to job?
A I would like to know about your major
B What is your tasks?
C I would like to know what you have to do
D What do you have to do
E Could you tell me what your duties are?
9 A : ……..
B : I make a report about the finance of the company
A Could you tell me what your are ?
B What is your educational background?
C I study in a hotel and tourism school
D I receive quests and incoming phone cell
E I would like to know where you study
10 Andi : what are you?
Ika : I am a teacher
Andi : what do you have to do ?
Ika : I ………
A Plan, deliver, lessons and evaluate the learning achievements
B Help the doctor to cure the patients
C Make a report of financial of the company
D Welcome the quests and receive incoming call
E I receive quests and incoming phone cell
11 How to use a toaster
Sometimes in the morning we want to enjoy some fresh and crispy bread. The simplest way to do so is by using a toaster.with toaster we can lightly cook slices of bread and make it tastier. Here is step by step of how to make delicious bread by using toaster.
1. Insert a slice of bread into each toaster slot
2. Choose the toasting level, usually it is from the lightest to the darkest. This will allow you to choose how dark the toast to be
3. Wait until the toasting process finished, usually the process only take a minute
4. Pick the bread when the tasting process is finished and the bread pops up from the toaster slot. Then pt in on a plate
5. Pour some sugar on the bread while it is still warm or put some butter on it
6. The toasted bread is ready
What is the purpose og he text ?
A To tell how to use toaster
B To tell how to keep a toaster
C To tell how to enjoy toaster bread
D To tell how to clean a toaster
E To tell how to choose a good toaster
12 How many step are there to use a toaster ?
A Six
B Five
C Eight
D Four
E Seven
13 How long is the toasting process ?
A A minute
B A day
C An hour
D A second
E An hour and half
14 When should we put sugar or better on the bread
A When it’s still warm
B After we eat it
C Before it’s toasted
D When it’s already cool
E When it’s still in the toasting process
15 What is the text above ?
A Procedure
B Descriptive
C Report
D Warning
E News item
16 Which sentence is using the correct from of adjective comparison ?
A Rere is the shortest among her friends
B Evi is as shortest as mira
C Dammar more all than rian
D Sndra is as taller than dewi
E Rian is the most short of all
17 Nana is as… eka
A Pretty
B The prettiest
C More pretty
D The most pretty
E Prettier
18 Kiki got…score for English test in his class this morning
A The highest
B Higher
C High
D The tallest
E Taller
19 Indah’s voice is …….then mine
A More wonderful
B The most wonderful
C Wonderfuler
D More wonderful
E Wonderfulest
20 Mr. Rajiman ‘s car is …….among us
A The most expensive
B As expensive as
C More expensive
D Expensive
E The more expensive
21 Her knowledge about the world history is …..than yours
A Wider
B More wide
C Widest
D The most wide
E The widest
22 Tiger I as ….as lion
A Wild
B More wild
C Wilder
D The most wild
E The wildest
23 Which superlative degree is correct ?
A The heaviest
B Heavy
C More heavy
D the most heavy
E Heavier
24 Which comparative degree is correct
A Bitterer
B Bitter
C The most bitter
D Bitterest
E More bitter
25 Dear Nan,
We are having a great holiday here on the gold coast
Yesterday we went to the movie world. When we got up in
The morning, it looked like rain. After a while the cloud disappeared
And it became a sunny day. We then decided to go to the movie world.
The first ride I went on was lethal weapon. Next I saw the police academy
Show. After tahat I had lunch as I was really hungry. Meanwhile, Mum and Kelly
Queued for the batman ride
About one o’clock we got a light shower of rain, but it cleared up soon after
We then went on all the other rides.
It was a top day. See you when I get back
What is the letter about ?
A Sam’s holiday
B The gold coast
C The movie world
D The shower of rain
E Batman ride
26 What is the main idea of paragraph 3 ?
A The light shower of rain in the movie world
B A great holiday in the movie world
C Sam’s activities in the movie world
D Police academy show
E The weather in gold coast
27 Where is Sam when writing the letter ?
A On the gold coast
B In the movie world
C At the police academy
D In the batman ride
E In lethal weapon
28 Which one is true about what happened at one o’clock based on the letter ?
A It was raining lightly
B Sam was writing a letter to Nan
C Sam’s mother and sister were playing at lethal weapon area
D Sam was playing on batman ride
E Sam and his family were having lunch
29 What is the goal of the letter ?
A To inform Nan that Sam was having holiday with his family
B To invite Nan to come to gold coast
C To apologize for Sam didn’t invite Nan for the vacation
D To deliver Sam’s sympathy for Nan was not on vacation
E To thank to Nan for letting Sam have holiday in the movie
30 Today is Sunday. Beno is having holiday at home. His mother will cook soup.unfortunately, she forgot to buy butter and salt. She asks Beno to buy them in the mini market. Beno goes to mini market by his bicycle.from his house, he goes to the west until he reaches crossroad. From the crossroad, he turns right then goes straight. He goes straight about meters. He is on rambutan street now. There is a workshop. The mini market is beside the workshop.
What does Beno go to the mini market for ?
A Buying butter and salt
B Cooking soup
C Meeting his friend
D Picking up his mother
E Meeting his friend
31 How does Beno go from his house ?
A To the west
B To the east
C To the north
D To the shout
E To the southest
32 Where is the mini market ?
A Beside the workshop
B In the middle of the crossroad
C Behind the workshop
D Next to Beno’s house
E In front of the workshop
33 A : ………?.
B : ………it’s on the second floor, to the left of the Mia boutique
A : Thank you
B : Sure.
A Excuse me, where is the graha bookstore
B Would you like to drink
C Please give me a hand
D You just go up the second floor
E I’m sorry for tearing the letter.
34 The receptionist : family food, good evening. What can I do for you ?
The boy : good evening. I want to order one big pizza and four cokes
The receptionis : what is the toping for pizza?
The boy : smoke beef and chees, please.
The receptionist : can I have your name please ?
The boy : my name is Arian.
The receptionist : can I have your address, please ?
The boy : it’s on jalan anggrek no. 1, sunshine residence
The receptionist : ok. Your order will be delivered in thirty minute.
The boy : thank you
The receptionist : you”re welcome
According to the dialogue, we can conclude that the boy is calling a/an ….
A Junk food restaurant
B Pet shop
C Hotel
D Hospital
E Traditional food restaurant
35 What topping does the boy want ?
A Smoke beef and cheese
B Coke and smoke beef
C Pizza and cook
D Pineapple and sausage
E Cheese and sausage
36 Where should the pizza be delivered ?
A In Arian’s house
B In Arian’s office
C In the pizza restaurant
D In the receptionist’s house
E In the receptionist’s office
37 How long must the boy wait for the pizza?
A Thirty minutes
B Thirty second
C An hour
D A day
E Two days one night
38 The underlined sentence is the expression of….
A Receiving a telephone
B Offering a thing
C Giving help
D Asking for apology
E Asking for help
39 Secretary : Good morning. Edos company. Can I help you ?
Mr. Robert : ………..
A Could you put me through Mr. Edi ?
B Sorry line is busy
C May I speak to Mr. Robert
D Could you take my message for Mr. Edi ?
E Thank you for taking my message
40 A : Good morning. PT. JAYA ABADI, can I help you ?
B : ……
A May I speak to Mr. Burhan
B Who’s speaking, please?
C Thank you for taking my message
D May I help you
E Could you take my message Mr. Burhan?

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